Chicago Crime Scene Clean Up

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup is owned and primarily staffed by firefighters. We all bring important parts to the group that together form a solid company able to provide our customers with prompt and quality services. CCSC is located at the intersection of I-80 and I-55, 40 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois. We regularly service a 500 mile radius, however CCSC will also travel greater distances if required by the customer; we are only bound by the oceans.

Our supervisors and technicians have received many certifications that enable us to work not only in a safe environment but a legal one as well. We are licensed in the state of Illinois among others as hazardous waste transporters and have all received HAZWOPPER, Hazmat Operations, Crime scene remediation, Meth lab removal and Meth lab decontamination training and certification. Dan , our President, has spent years in the Emergency Services field, and Bob, our in-house chemist, is a retired professor with a PhD from the University of Wisconsin. He brings a wealth of knowledge in both the chemistry department as well as safe working practices having worked around AIDS tainted blood during his research.

All of our equipment is listed intrinsically safe, regularly tested and maintained. Tool kits including basic hand tools, some power tools, (only to be used when safe to do so) flashlights and various other needs are maintained in each vehicle and on our trailers. Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup also maintains many chemicals needed to facilitate the cleaning of a crime scene and records (MSDS) on all of these chemicals are constantly maintained as well.

Any time, day or night, anywhere we are needed, we'll be there with the same caring, compassionate attitude we show the communities we serve on a daily basis.

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup

Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup

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Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup, Hazardous Material Control & Removal, Minooka, IL

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